Hello, my name is Josh White,
I’m currently a student working on a Bachelor of Science Degree, at Full Sail University for Computer Animation.
I have been deeply involved with the Web Development Industry for nearly a decade, Through the years I have acquired many skills such as, Website Design, Coding, Graphic Arts, Flash Animation & Computer Repair.
I enjoy writing, songwriting, and screenwriting, camping, fishing, hunting, boating, walking, and hiking. I’m looking forward to meeting new people.

Joshua White

Computer Animation -TEM1000-12

Throughout my career in the digital realm, networking and social media have always been the most influential tools at my disposal. From the early days of instant messaging to Myspace and Facebook. I was the lead Website Developer and Graphics Artist for iBizWebsite.com. We used Yahoo Instant Messaging in our office, to communicate back and forth while we were on the phones with our clients. This was an amazing tool because a developer could ask a graphic artist, to make a change to a graphic and upload it to the customers website. The change could happen in real time while the client was still on the phone. Instant messaging was a vital tool to our success. Eventually, we started creating custom Myspace pages for our customers as an up-sell, or part of a packaged deal. Then Facebook came along, and we realized the huge potential, as a tool for customers to connect with local clientele and offer feedback. These are tools that iBizWebsite.com still uses to this day.

I decided to update all of my social media accounts to professional accounts, and some sites I created a new profile altogether. I believe Facebook is the platform that I will connect with the most industry professionals, throughout my time at Full Sail University. I am happy to be in the group Full Sail Family on Facebook. It’s a great place for insight and feedback from classmates. I feel that my classmates will bring innovation to the future of Entertainment and Media, and I’m extremely excited to be a part of this process. Most of us here at Full Sail University have other skill sets that our chosen degree will compliment. I believe that combining or overlapping different skill sets leads to innovation.

LinkedIn.com will most likely be the site that I gravitate to, as far as meeting current industry professionals. I have joined a few groups in the field of Computer Animation. I found some local computer related groups here in Idaho that I will be joining, to connect with area professionals. I am amazed at the talent that I have discovered right in my hometown, since I have started this assignment. Here is a list of Social Media outlets that I have signed up with. I will be updating each one as the weeks go on so feel free to add me. Let’s design to inspire.

This is my website JoshLWhite.com please ignore the template, I am creating a new one from scratch. I just put the current one up so that I could start the marketing process. I don’t have anything on there to show my work, but it’s a work in progress.







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