Joshua L. White is currently a student at Full Sail University. I will be using this site as an online portfolio and showcase. I am currently in the process of building a new template, so come back often to see the progress.

My Mission Statement

My mission is to graduate Full Sail University, with the skill sets that will help me achieve my dream of creating an animated movie. I will reach this goal by my sheer determination to succeed, and by going above and beyond the core curriculum of each course. I will devote every amount of time available, to fully understanding and completing my course assignments. I will ask for help from my peers, as well as industry professionals, anytime that I feel like I am struggling to finish an assignment. In my spare time, I will be taking tutorials to learn the tools that I will be using throughout the school, as well as my future as an Industry Professional. I will utilize the skills that I already have to enrich every assignment, and showcase the effort of going above and beyond. For many years, my mission statement has been “Design to inspire the imagination.” That being said, This is the standard that I am setting for myself; it is the standard that I will adhere to.


Full Sail Verification Letter